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Toothbrush Holder Set

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A toothbrush holder set, ideal for a family of three, is a modern toothbrush holder that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing; inspired by Scandinavian design concepts making this is a beautiful add-on to your bathroom. Designed with ample storage compartments allow you to organize all your oral hygiene products within a single holder. Highlights of this hygienic toothbrush holder are magnetically attached mouthwash cups and drip vents to deter bacterial build-up.

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Good oral hygiene leads to great health. Our Toothbrush Holder Set does this and organizes elegantly making this a must-have for your family.

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Inverted mouthwash cups, magnetically attached to the holder, allow them to drip dry coupled with ample ventilation silts to speed up drying process thus deterring bacterial build-up.

Wet Toothbrush Holder Set


Many compartments for organizing toothbrushes, paste, comb, shaver, etc. Some compartments can even fit an electric toothbrush.

Grey Toothbrush Holder Set


It organizes and holds. Our holder complements well with your surrounding thus giving you a neat feeling.

Grey Toothbrush Holder, Designer Toothbrush Holder, Toothbrush Holder Set, Modern Toothbrush Holder, Brush and Paste Holder, Toothbrush Holder for Bathrroom


Paste the mounting assembly to the wall, mount the holder and its ready for use.

Grey Toothbrush Holder Installation Steps


Minimalism design with great emphasis placed on details and functional design.

Parts of Pink Toothbrush Holder


Dimensions of Family Grey Toothbrush Holder


  • Length:22cm
  • Width:12.5cm
  • Height:11cm

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Grey, Pink, Blue, Green

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    Great value and great product. I’ve bought this for my family to replace the moldy toothbrush holders that I’ve always wanted to replace but can’t find a suitable solution. I love the compact design and big storage compartments. Now my family really enjoy brushing their teeth.

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    I can’t find a suitable replacement for the toothbrush I have at home and the ones available outside is ordinary-looking or too cumbersome to install. I’ve bought a grey toothbrush holder and I highly recommended it. It’s beautiful, easy to install and it’s interesting that the mouthwash cups are attached to the holder via a magnet.

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    I have just received my purchase. I’ve bought the grey color one and it’s so easy to install and sturdy, I did it in minutes with no drillings at all. We use it to hold the toothbrush and my hubby put his electric toothbrush and shaver in it. Great value as its beautiful as described on the website and very compact too!

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    Amazing product and value. This is the exact solution I’m looking for, compact and very nice to use. I will buy from your shop again. I will love it if shipping time can be shortened.

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    Great product and great value. The product reached me as promised and I like it.

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Toothbrush Holder Set

Toothbrush Holder Set


(5 Previews)

(5 customer reviews )