Kitchen Tissue Holder



A simple and versatile rectangular tissue holder that can be mounted on cabinets or even tabletops without the use of any screws.  To mount on cabinets, just open the cabinet door, slide the holder in, close the door and it’s ready to use. Emphasis on design to make product durable, easy and safe to use.

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Product Highlights

Green Tissue Box Holder


Our product is a rear hanging tissue holder which allows you to conveniently mount or remove the kitchen tissue holder. It enhances storage whilst not obstructing movements of the cabinet door.

Green and Blue Hanging Tissue Holder

Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Open Cabinet Door, Step 2: Hang Rack, Step 3: Close Cabinet Door and it’s Ready to Use.

Hanging Tissue Holder Feature -Just hang and start using

Large Opening

Large opening for smooth continuous removal of tissues.

Hanging Tissue Holder Feature- Large Opening

Folded Rims

Folded rims at both ends keep tissue pack in place.

Hanging Tissue Holder Folded Rims


You can use it on table tops too!

Hanging Tissue Holder Use on tabletops

Absolutely Safe

Safe to use with rounded and smoothened edges.

Hanging Tissue Holder Rounded Edges for Safety

Permanent Fixture

Mounting holes to secure rack permanently to enhance safety.

Hanging Tissue Holder Mounting Holes


Blue Tissue Holder Dimensions
  • Length:23.5cm
  • Width:11.5cm
  • Height:9.7cm
  • Weight:360g
  • Available Colors: Green, Blue, Red

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Pink, Blue, Green, White


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Kitchen Tissue Holder

Kitchen Tissue Holder