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Designer Toothbrush Holder

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Designer Toothbrush Holder, inspired by Scandinavian design, ¬†which is Elegant, Compact and Hygienic. The mouthwash cup magnetically attaches to the holder so it’s compact. Smart drip-dry design deters bacterial build-up. It is also an ornament that decorates your bathroom which makes it a must buy item.

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No more of storing your oral hygiene products in disgusting and disoriented manner! Organize them elegantly with our compact and hygienic designer toothbrush holder.


A Designer Toothbrush Holder, inspired by Scandinavian design style, to fulfil functionality and minimalism. It is not only a toothbrush holder for the bathroom. it is also a piece of ornament.

Pink Toothbrush Holder, Grey Toothbrush Holder Lifestyle Image


Magnetic toothbrush holder with its mouthwash cup magnetically attached to the holder thus making it compact.

Grey Toothbrush Holder, Magnetic Toothbrush Holder


Smart design with an inverted cup to drain dry and ventilation slots making it difficult for bacteria to breed.

Pink Toothbrush Holder, Grey Toothbrush Holder Lifestyle Image 2


It’s an adhesive toothbrush holder therefore no drilling required at all. Just paste the adhesive mount to the wall and it’s ready to use!

How to install Grey Toothbrush Holder


Product design emphasized on making product elegant, functional and hygienic.

Parts of Pink Toothbrush Holder


Be it for singles or a couple, there is one that suits you.

Grey Toothbrush Holder, Designer Toothbrush Holder


Pink Toothbrush Holder, Blue Designer Toothbrush Holder



Dimensions of Pink Toothbrush Holder


  • Length:8.8cm
  • Width:11.7cm
  • Height:10.4cm

Additional information

Dimensions 8.8 × 11.7 × 10.4 cm

Grey, Pink, Blue, Green

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    I love my pink designer toothbrush holder. It’s so easy to install and MadelKoh Shop has excellent customer service. I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and my sisters.

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    Definitely beautify and handy product, easy to install, functional and I loved it. I will highly recommend MadelKoh Shop.

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    Winnie Watson

    Amazing Product at a great value. My existing toothbrush holder is old and disgusting and I cannot find anything as compact and as beautiful as this. I’ve bought 2 for myself and my boyfriend. I love the inverted cups and the vent holes that allow everything to drip dry quickly.

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    Saw this product online and it caught my eyes immediately. I was looking for a perfect gift for my bestie’s housewarming and bought this. My friend is very happy with it, easy to install and a beautiful piece of toothbrush holder that I can’t find anywhere else.

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    Great customer service and great value for the product. It’s the perfect replacement for my dirty and disgusting holder. It’s as good as what Madelkoh shop claims, it’s so much cleaner and neater now and I can now brush at ease.

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    Though it was quite a wait, my grey toothbrush holder finally reached me. It was a great value, great customer service will definitely buy again from MadelKoh Shop. Thank you for such a great product.

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