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Like any modern individuals, I deal with the challenges of everyday trivial and have forgotten to live a truly meaningful life. As I advance through the journey of Life, I’m sucked into an endless vicious cycle of organizing, cleaning sorting and then cycle continues. I often asked myself, is there a better way to organize our lives and focus on life truly important things? By asking these questions and acting on them, I embarked on a journey to enhances the quality of my life by seeking modern, innovative solutions that make me a more efficient person. Through this process, of seeking and solving everyday problems I finally unleashed myself from these everyday routines. Life is now clutter free and more enjoyable vs my old self. This experience has inspired the establishment of MadelKoh Shop, an online shop with a mission to curate modern interesting solutions that helps people to better organize, beautify their living space and allow us to operate more effectively so we can better focus our life on better things like making new friends, bonding with our family, etc. I hope the solutions enhance your life like how they have changed mine.

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Times change and so do our style of living. We are constantly seeking for solutions that are Elegant, Minimal and Functional.

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While less is more, by simplifying our dwellings, the way we look at problems unleashes the freedom to truly focus on life important events and enjoy life like the way we do.

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